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Sherri Lupton

SuperStar Director

If you asked me five years ago if I thought I would be able to quit my full time job because I had replaced my income selling electric ceramic warmers and scented wax, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible! I’m here to tell you that is exactly what happened to me in less than two years. By working part time, about 12-15 hours a week at my Scentsy business, while working up to 50 hours a week as a childcare provider, I was able to build my business to the point where I have been able to consistently replace my income each month! I first heard about Scentsy when my dad’s long time friend called to let him know that his daughter’s candle company was expanding in to Canada.  I purchased my first warmer and a bar of wax from my sponsor and was hooked!  I love that the products are safe and that there is no flame, smoke or soot going in to the air, just the amazing scents! By sharing the products with my friends and family, I was able to start building a team and now I am the Superstar Director of our group, The Northern Lights, with consultants in North America, Australia and Europe! I’ve earned six fabulous incentive trips so far, to Hawaii, Disneyworld in Florida, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and in 2014, I was one of only 100 consultants in the entire company to earn an exclusive trip to Greece!! This year we will be travelling all expenses paid to Las Vegas for our annual convention!  It is all SO exciting and along the way I have met incredible friends that encourage me and share their wonderful ideas freely! Now, the best part of my Scentsy business is helping new consultants get started on building their own Scentsy businesses and seeing them reach their goals and dreams.  The friendships that develop in this business are amazing and I love being surrounded by positive, excited people that are moving forward in life!!! If you need to make some extra money, want a new challenge, would love to make some new friends, or just need to get out of the house once in a while, get in touch with me to discuss the possibility of starting something that I would venture to say, will change your life like it did mine.  Wishing you a lifetime of success and happiness!            

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